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Some forgot the sounds of their
own voices, drowning in mental
noises, thoughts summing up
to no physical choices.
In darkness and silence
they learnt the art mourning
until the dawn of morning,
hoping for someone to make
them feel less lonely, whimping,
too angry to be angry, time bouncing
off the walls, stuck in darkness,
kindness called a weakness,
seen as eternal fools, defying
all the rules, a path walked alone,
unknown souls walking trying to
follow multitudes, but wisdom
is a curse to those trying to live
true, rebuked and chased, left
in a den of lions, trying to understand
if you’re dead or alive, looking for
a spark in this life, the ark has
already left with the wise, the
ark is filled with judgemental
irrational minds, trying to find
a sanctified mind, walking blind,
diving from the edge into a pitch black
dark, maybe the unknown will grant
you something, stringed along
by the rays, but where’s the source
of the light, enlightenment reflected
on the faces of oceans, overwhelming
emotions, too many confusing notions,
being with another challenges your
sophistries, fear feeding on thoughts,
that’s it’s kosher, this modern culture
promises no nirvana, so flee to Nineveh,
the path for the greater good seems
to keep blurring, you cannot see
the path, a rare sight of a saint
lost in a bleak world, where no light
is seen nor felt, so peddle and keep
embarking, the past is slowly approaching,
follow the future, even though the now
seems to be too daunting.

Failing to breathe, ask this life
to fetch you from your falls,
it’s sweet when poets write of
stars and moons, but usually
forget your in-depth cries,
theories on how to find the
light keep leading you into a
darker path, can’t fathom the
beauty of dancing and being
intimate with too many hearts,
words are too violent for you to
read, you’re afraid of swimming in
these modern seas, afraid of these
modern scenes, everyone sins and
tend to laugh afterwards, now you’re
alone and quarantined, feeling lonely
it seems, I’ll guide you to your inner
home, follow the footprints of the
shadows you fear, where is meaning
in everyday repetition?
You’re the meaning,
can’t you see the breath
that pours out from your lips,
stand up and turn around more
and more, dance to your silence,
no one is here to guarantee that
there won’t be a dusk before a dawn,
rise up and touch everything around,
you’re real, don’t let the mirror
blind you, you’re not make believe,
feel the true relief, don’t follow
what anyone spews out, you’re the
silent giant, the gold beneath the
ocean floor, if no one sees your worth
then live some more, you’re an expensive
type of currency, polish yourself little
girl or little boy, inside we’re children
wearing skins of old folk, don’t let
anyone poke any holes, you’re a
gladiator, maybe a king or queen,
rise up and follow siege, seize what
they snatched from your within,
you’re the true definition of royalty,
a piece of mastery, not one of
forgery, be your own Calvary, don’t
let them affect you with their sorcery.

Hold my hands, I might find you
a home, within you there’s a corridor,
one with many doors, follow your
childhood soul, see the light and
enter, the floors are painted with
imagery of beautiful memories,
follow this pathway; no mornachy
nor authority, it’s your anarchy,
your symphony, dance to your
own rhythm, shed off the dense
thoughts, rinse away your negative
thoughts, ablute yourself, it’s a
beautiful day for a bright smile,
this isn’t yet your nineth life,
you’re to leave a mark, your breath
matters too much, don’t let the
demons chase you away from your
peaceful resort, restore your own
hope, follow the pathway that
you haven’t seen before, not in
support of any friends of foe,
this is all you, none of the decisions
are foul, flood your Nile, flourish
with no need to hold onto another
soul, love self before you love
another living soul, love needs not
be a holy nor an unholy war, love
should be your Freakshow, stand up
and clown for self, take many
photographs, laugh more,
you’re to save yourself, this road might
seem too scary for you to walk alone,
but there’s someone willing
to lend you their bones, find that
one soul, if not, then find me
within your thoughts, find me within
your wonder, I won’t fade away,
let’s wander to your destiny
child, Kumbaya; life is the wild, the wilderness
that tries to feed on you as you
walk everyday, do not fear, find
your true home within your thoughts,
the light is within you, find it,
it’s there for you to grapple on,
soon it’ll be a shiny new dawn.

By Eugene ‘Philosophisticater’

Artwork by James Jean

Philosophistication Poetry © All Rights Reserved ©

Shadow Whispers

A poem about your thoughts when you have no words nor silence to embrace. This is your cognitive escape.

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