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The world burns as I watch,
the children die in my palms,
wrists are slit as we watch,
corpses are plunged into
graves before their time,
living is a crime,
headaches and heartaches,
loneliness and bellyaches,
march towards demise,
mice caught in a trap,
we lie, ‘living is nice’,
soon we rot, soon some
are piled into mountains,
die by the second,
refugees have nowhere to flee,
slaves are not yet free,
when happy we weep,
when death knocks we also
weep, the world burns
and I only have ashes to collect,
with my intellect I cannot
guarantee immortality,
I cannot pray for more life
for those bleeding on the ground,
all I can do is pretend to be calm.
I’ll bury you underneath barren farms,
let your afterlife feed those
hungering for manna when
the Western Santa never comes,
or else let’s feed on crumbs
while we crookedly smile,
keep walking, more miles to come,
Canaan will soon come,
we will try to rise from the slums.
Hold my hand, call the angels
to convince me that we’re not alone,
many have made peace
with the fate of being mere bones,
I need more, this world is unjust,
filled with lust, greed and fast
lives being lived within oval offices,
will we suffice, will we suffer more
without some form of justice,
do we sleep in peace or
are we merely jigsawed, beings
shuttered into pieces,
living life just to consume
and excrete feaces,
or do we exist to ask others
if they miss us, it’s cataclysmic,
catastrophic, when did we stop
breathing with a smile within…

We all relate to some form
of sadness, bashed with
words and judgments that
view us as despicable minions,
search for missions that will
grant us freedom from
mischief, these lives are
not lived, they live us,
are we mere kermits
with no premise for restitution,
restoration is hidden in
plain sight, we fight against
things that surpass our might,
throw the dice, who will
be lucky enough to live
a life with no despair
in this safe haven,
will we still marvel at ravens
when they glide amidst
the heavens,
more pavements have flowers,
more pavements have messages
of sadness when we pass through,
more crosses by the sidewalk,
more bloodstains on floors,
more apologizing fugitives,
guess we’re all experiencing humanity
in our own contexts,
fate has underpinned us
to more pain that
pierces us, call that foulplay,
beneath us billions of lives
have passed by,
we perish with no goodbye,
we look upon the skies and
hope one day we shall smile
and wander with those lost
in time…
Where did we lose eternity,
where did we learn to fear
mortality, when did we
forget our humanity,
we’re all facing some form
of insanity,
medicate too much and
soon we’re regurgitating foam,
underneath loom soil,
six feet underneath,
do we hear those left behind
crying and asking us
to continue embarking on
this mortal path,
so dust to dust it is,
broken hearts and more
art that depresses us,
will we suffice in this demise…?

Life is just life,
what has a beginning also ends,
those who love will someday
face heartbreak, a poem
will soon be buried underneath
your mindset,
soon everything dies…
So let us learn to smile
when the grave swallows
another sun, dance in
the moonlight,
let us rejoice when a life
fades without substance,
breathe out despair,
be a feather, get carried by
air, futility happens to all,
soon we shall all fall,
some will fall with a thud,
some will let themselves
float, so let us stop
rocking each other’s boats,
free ourselves from oceanic
slavery before we fall off…
Maybe tears are sweet when
they are those of joy,
roam around, find those
beautiful flowers that will
cause you to float and
and feel breezes brushing
your souls,
we might be irrational, unbreakable,
distorted, but at some point
someone will remember and unravel
the true you when the grave
inhabits you; when you eternally snore,
maybe life is just foreplay;
soon we reach our climax…
Just smile, you might die
any moment from now…

By Eugene ‘Philosophisticater’

Artwork by Tomasz Alen Kopera

Philosophistication Poetry © All Rights Reserved ©

Swollen Void

Can you compliment a grotesque scene.

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