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It’s genocides and yet set aside

when genes apply, it’s a hollow

past when the finish line is for

victims of the holocaust, no

anger; but fairness is dead,

consciousness a Twitter trend,

Africans are Christians instead;

asking for a daily daily bread,

UNICEF is God’s mysterious ways,

unified when a black fist is Westerly

clenched, yet nationality hatred

we caress when governments make

us feeble and emotional in a way.

It’s salvation for the dead,

it’s searching for redemption while

you’re here, it’s confusion inflating

the heads, hot air balloons; bufoons

fascinated by looney tunes, it’s

a movie and we’re all clowns and

fools searching for the Nile in

swimming pools, drunk on the

wine that the wrong Jesus brewed,

it’s a chessboard and it’s a black-white

feud, it’s superior races and a Nazi

perspective; no bad guy; everyone

is a hero when their own mind believes it,

I’m watching through the peep-hole

within a black hole, communicating

with the gods through payphones;

I still need more gold coins for

my beliefs to change my environment,

too encrypted for a world going

through a decryption of mass mindsets,

I’m a faucet on a dry island,

a cricket disturbing the silence,

so protest your violence while

bodies drop dead for a Hoax…Plandemic?


Slaves submerging to the shores,

it’s black power and Karl Marx is

the new Luther, it’s a saddening

scene of seeing obscene scenes

treated like holy 💩, it’s shootings

and pulpits ignorant to the times,

it’s angry minds seeing the demise

of reason; it’s treason not be

sensitive to the crumbling egos of man,

its our near fall, living just to go

in states of feeling nonexistent, we

have grown to be midgets amongst

Canaanites, we have failed to transcend,

we have threatened our divinity with

feeble mentalities, broken entities

clutching on theses that define what

an identity is, its the failure of a system,

we’re visionaries blinded by our own

narratives; its the beginning once

again being re-enacted; its the explosion

of our own awe; its Ubuntu going down

the drain, its the frailness of the new,

drunk on substances we never brewed,

its the freedom searched for in hollows

while there’s a lack of a clue, its a family

feud; children of incest now wise enough

to rebuke their collective wisdom’s inception,

misdirected emancipation, miscalculated

redemption; π in the sky; its an endless

infinite stretch for the answer; couped

up in our perceptual blunders; greed

and deified cultures giving birth to

vultures willing to devour the weakened

and ground-bound.


Celestial bloops blowing up,

philosophical baboons arguing

on who is hairless; our consciousness

has become a prison; a reason to shut

self in a narrative prism, we no longer

look to be a liaison, we’ve become

liabilities to our own rebuking laws,

our flaws have contaminated our streams,

no more smoother flows, now we

bump and crush on seafloors, mostly

slaves to our own beliefs; silence no

longer a relief, we’re now minions

meandering and searching for the

highness; truth hidden in a scroll

in a shelf unreachable, cynical

entities worshipping a praying mantis;

instead of finding the godhead in that

lively garden; the system is in a state

of rapture, captured and endangered;

we’re dinosaurs almost facing our expiration,

masterpieces left in state unexhibited,

a poetry piece in its end!!!


By Eugene ‘Philosophisticater’


Artwork by Tomasz Alen Kopera


℗ Philosophistication Poetry ℗


2020 All Rights Reserved ©




System Failure [Horrific Inevitability]

Truth that sets free that which believes it has always been free!

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