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Dark futility, burkas to
hijabs, jabs from a Soviet
bear, barely easy to see when your
own people shackle their people
on a basis of a religious disease,
cleanse the seas, cleanse what
should be seen, patriarchal scene,
seeds of heresy and anarchy it seems,
communal oppression by shamans
standing for Muhammad, notice
the killing spree, kill and kill
until your peoples flee, stranded
with strands of hair long enough
to tie you to a label of being a
terrorist, terrorize memories,
a home now a hellhole, kiss
my bliss night night when ignorance
is hard to note when blood and
bones are in plain sight.
Doomed lands, blood and joints
jive on the desert’s face,
change your pace, they call you
refugee now ‘my friend’,
oppression and toddler limbs on
side walks, as humans what are
we fighting for?
Mourn and mourn, girls told
to work towards being mothers
and fools, no degrees, no tools,
just books teaching of handling
family feuds and how to cover
flesh, the exposure of an arm
considered being nude or rude.
Mullar Umar purchasing lubes
while penetrating wombs and leaving
those raped women on entrances
of tombs, no Isa miracle ښځه.
Bow, sleep soundly while the sound
is an echo of missiles and bullets
sprayed astray.

Abandoned Afghanistan, sons’
corpses scotched in the heating sun,
regimes led by devils and fiends,
what is this? The rise of a deadly
thing, state lacking any gleam,
Al-Queda and Jihad declaration,
hit hard and enforce a new
nail onto oppression, diplomatic
decapitations, Clinton and the
nature of US salutations when
soldiers were sent for the
purification of the Afghan nation.
Confusion and lack of substance,
slaughter Bin Laden, “911 how can
WE help you?”, The land is bedridden,
vengeance and blood spilling,
deserts tilled by bones dropped
by vultures munching on bones
and limbs of forefathers and
fatherless toddlers, bombs and missiles,
slaughter every moving object
on the open ground, boom boom,
it’s doom and gloom while Gaia
blooms with every tomb that is
underneath the mantle’s loom.
Poof poof, another one gone
from the explosion of a fossil fuel
harvested from Jalalabad’s in-depth pools.
Rules and regulations made mute,
now secret detentions and victims
spitting, spewing and bleeding truths,
no truce, no off switch fuse, just
death, blood, bones and fools operating
hostile tools, Bush and shoes thrown,
Taliban moving through hoardes,
innocents in a hearse, large
states granting purses to corrupt

Kenyan son combating Afghanistan
sons, prisons open shut, Shari’a
has come back to life, spite,
strike Iraq, rush for victory,
Persia rises, Babylon strives,
Doctors without boarders scotched
to ash, dust to dust, horrific
sight, notify Abba, it has come
close to a world of Hades,
dark sight, no delight, cries
of hope, it’s a cry of a child
in a bombed home, it’s anger
and vengeance and US troops
massacring unarmed civilians,
gunshots as bullets poke skulls,
missiles rewriting historical facts,
university guards dead, universities
burnt, the universe is in ash,
it’s the new burning of the house
of knowledge; Alexandria once again,
cat and mouse, bleeding and staining
the blouse, suicidal booms,
rooms are cave painted with
bloody fluids, opium and drug
pulls, who’s who, CIA and night raids,
CIA and blown up waterboarded
migrants, the dark horse,
legality, morality, false reality,
sculptured society, orcherstrated
diplomatic sorcery, PTSD and
lack of diagnosis, guns and roses,
gun holding poses, tears of the
sun, weep when your tears dry up,
Afghan, pray for he or she who
is behind and in front of the gun,

هیڅ بد هلکان شتون نلري ، یوازې بد نیتونه شتون لري ، ښه هلکان شتون نلري ، یوازې ښه نیتونه شتون لري.  په تیاره کې شعله تعقیب کړئ ، په تیاره کې خپل ساه تعقیب کړئ ، خپل ښکلا په ټولو خطرونو کې ومومئ.

By Eugene ‘Philosophisticater’

Artwork by Mariusz Lewandowski

Philosophistication Poetry © All Rights Reserved ©

Taliban Sodomy د طالبانو سوډومي

What was the reason for war, bullets, bombs, missiles and fallen corpses? Taliban to Al-Qaeda to CIA, who’s the bad guy, who’s the fiend behind the fall of Man? Many years behind the cage of war. 

یو ویجاړ شوی ملت ، مړ کېدونکی دولت ، څه باید وکړي ، څه وکړي ، څه پیښ شول؟

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