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This poem speaks the truth.

The Attainment of Wisdom


In His glory

God is full of unconditional Love

In His unconditional Love

God is full of mercy

In His mercy

God is full of wisdom

In His wisdom

God is full of Light

In His light

God is the abode of existence

In His house

God is the everlasting awareness

In His awareness

God is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient

In all this glory, God is full of faith, hope and Love

Spirituality is a state of being

Not a forced recipe of delusions

Or a mandated classroom of knowledge

Spirituality is the path to God

And God is the path to Spirituality

God is Love

And Love is Spirituality

The attainment of wisdom is not the goal

The goal is to find the truth

And the truth is God


©Kenneth Maswabi


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