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This poem is for an African Child by an African Child

The Day of the African Child


When the world neglected Africa

All arrows fell on the African Child

When the world exploited Africa

The African Child was punctured by the pangs of poverty

When the world discriminated against Africa

The African Child was pierced by a billion needles of hate

When the world sold African dictators weapons of war

The African Child was recruited to kill his/her own parents

When the world looked the other way

The African Child was found trampled by the hooves of autocracy

When the world left the dinner table messy

The African Child was left scavenging on scraps for a meal

Now the world is getting fully vaccinated against Covid-19 disease

The African Child is fully vaccinated with the sting of an impending doom


This is the Day of the African Child

Wherever you are…think about this Child


©Kenneth Maswabi




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