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This poem reveals a secret…you are the essence of existence.

The Dimensionless Realm


I have travelled the path of Silence

Searching for myself

I listened to the cord of being

Listening for my name and purpose

I found not the mystery of the unknown

I was the mystery

And I was the unknown

We are all packages of beauty

Neatly folded under a shiny wrapper

Unfortunately, we all think we are the wrapper

That gets bombarded with the elements of time

Shrinking and dishevelling under the constant pressures of life

Until you can stop searching for yourself from the shelves of life

You will never truly know yourself

You have to submerge yourself into the substance of being

Listen to the cord of Silence

Away from the protruded mound of acquired knowledge

Away from your colourful identities and achievements

Away from your attachments and entanglements

This is the beginning of a spiritual journey

That will take you to your true self

Maybe not in this life time

But certainly you will walk in the everlasting life

This is the abode of the illuminated Light

There are no contours of knowledge to study

Or any beams of understanding to hold

This is the dimensionless realm

Everything is the Truth and the Truth is everything

Love is everything and everything is Love

Peace is everything and everything is peace

It is the absence of Ego

That forms the fabric of knowing

In this mystery

You are existence

And everything else is non-existent

This is the true essence of life

To let your existence flow into the bowl of the everlasting life

This is what we call unconditional Love

To be the river of life

The Light of the world

The pedestal of hope


©Kenneth Maswabi


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