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This poem is eternity on earth.

The ecstasy of being


Without the putrid smell of wickedness

Life is truly beautiful

It’s not a pasquinade

Disrobing us of our dignity

It’s the ecstasy of being

That defines the day

Clothing us with the everlasting moment

It’s truly remarkable to be naked inside the garden of life

Not holding onto any thoughts or emotions (ego)

You become a true vase of existence

Submerged in the everlasting mystery

It’s the ecstasy of being that holds the secret to happiness, peace and Love

It’s the undisguised beauty inside each and every one of us

The gown of beauty that shimmers with the radiance of a billion stars

It’s the river of life and the bowl of existence

Fully displayed inside our hearts

It’s the Silence within

That pours happiness into our being

It’s this beautiful garden of nothingness

That is forever peaceful

It’s the fibre of being

That is illuminated in our hearts

It’s the monument of eternity

The everlasting moment

The ecstasy of being is Unconditional Love


©Kenneth Maswabi


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