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This poem is freedom of the self.

The liberated Self


In his or her daily pursuits

The liberated self is not under any self-imposed delusions

He is free to interact with life at the fundamental levels

Neither spiritual dogma nor scientific evidence (attained knowledge)

Stand in his way

Not under any spells, he is free to roam any realm

Whether in dreams or real life, the liberated self is fully aware

Untangled from the web of ego

And the magnetism of the constructed reality

The liberated self is not afraid to seek the truth

In the aloneness, he chews on the cord of Silence

In Silence, he is fed the sacred fodder of consciousness

In consciousness, he is deployed to the realm of existence

Not to disturb the framework of time and space

But to stir the bowl of awareness

Adding the sacred ingredients of faith, hope and Love

He is here to liberate souls

From the entrapment of ego and the constructed reality

Not to judge or despise anyone

His efforts are not those of an external force

He is not a hurricane to decapitate people’s lives

He is the usher of Light

In this path of wisdom there is no church, mosque or temple

The heart is the tabernacle of the truth

The liberated self has no identities, expectations and attachments

The liberated self is the substance of life

The liberated self is the fabric of eternity

It’s only through unconditional Love that one is truly liberated

From fear, stigma, selfishness and wickedness



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