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You know kid,
life is not a rollercoaster,
life is a bus,
a very slow bus that moves from coast
to coast offloading it’s passengers,
you’re moving too fast son,
the world is too big to conquer,
you’re not rogue to live alone,
we are all dogs searching for bones,
digging pits and not knowing that those
pits will inhabit our own bones,
so listen carefully son,
martyrs die for truths,
wisemen live to tell the truths,
now who will you be,
the martyr or the wiseman,
the boy who chases objects or
subjects that carry questions that lack answers,
I’ve lived long enough to see this
bus of life offloading all my loved ones onto their destinations,
son, you’re not in the centre of any of this,
think slow and blink fast,
don’t be blind,
do not listen to truths with your eyes,
life is for everyone,
living is for every Jack and Jill,
those who thought they were clever
left the bus before they arrived at their destinies,
so kid, think fast and blink slow,
do not bow to anything with a shadow,
do not let the eye be the mirror that judges appearance,
appreciate the breath in you,
you’re merely a fool if you think you’re superior,
you cannot save everyone,
you cannot be the chosen one,
live in the now,
hold onto what you believe,
I’m too old to say a lot,
I’m too ancestral to speak anymore,
you have the golden tongue,
do not sell it for sweet treats…
Do not taste the treasures of this world…

Enjoy every moment in life,
do not live in your head,
do not find paradise in yourself,
do not lose yourself for the sake of purpose,
a fool lives for purpose and dies in regret of self,
a wise man dies to self in order to live in purpose,
so make sure you find that purple rose for your dry garden.
Remember that your hands can sow and also reap,
hug and also strangle,
kill and also heal,
so choose wisely,
choose who you become,
always choose to be calm over war,
never become your father’s reflection,
follow your own path,
every journey is different,
what disturbs are references from
people who think journeys are similar,
don’t be too old for your time,
don’t be too young for your time,
don’t be too stupid,
don’t be too serious;
you will chase away the angels of life,
do not bleed on those who never cut you,
forgive, embrace change,
always be two steps ahead of your time,
again, do not live in your head,
rather live in your heart…

Goodbye Eugene,
let me revisit my grave,
it was a nice conversation,
no consciousness,
no thought structure,
just you and me floating within
bowls of the cosmos,
one last advice;
always remem……to…………..
B..e Eug…e,
se… y…u la….r!!!

By Eugene ‘Philosophisticater’

Artwork by Erik Olivera Rubio
Philosophistication Poetry © All Rights Reserved ©

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