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This is us, faith, hope and Love – The path of Light.

The Shadowless Dreamer


I sat at my desk

Deep inside my habitat

I could not hear your voice

I was submerged in Silence

I could not see your face

I was hidden inside my world

I could not extinguish your pain

I was absent from this world

I could not feel your anguish

I was empty of knowing

I could not be with you

I was the fibre of nothingness

This is not a dream

It’s the truth

Now how could I have known?

That everything about you is found in me

I am not talking about your possessions or obsessions

I am talking about your sorrow

Your loneliness, your pain

I am talking about your fears and your hopes

I am talking about your Love

I found all of these

Inside my being

I found us

Nestled together

Inside the fibre of existence

I found us

Holding each other’s hearts

Inside the bowl of life

I found us

Fully embraced

Inside the Silence

This is not a dream

It’s the truth

I know you

I know your fears

I know your hopes

I am your Lover

And you are my beloved

Be in Love

Be the Love


Happy New Year!!!!

©Kenneth Maswabi


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