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What is philosophy?
Lost my path, the eyes are
dark, the path has lost me,
I tread slowly, falling lowly,
living sorrowfully, lonely,
killing me softly, poetry,
divinity, hypocrisy, heresy,
let me flee, the pen has stabbed
my wrist, the cloud has opened
up, the child sitting on the clouds
weeps for me, little black boy
bottled within perceptions of sin,
my life has become a scene
of nonsense, breath is dense,
soul tries to dance out of me,
I cannot feel the inner
heaven, lost, pricked by thorns,
hot scorching roads, trying
what I can to follow the throne,
falling back and forth, tread slowly,
live lowly, drenched in the sweat
of secular gods, pawn in the
game of coins and lords, scorn
these confessions, I’m merely
the crooked scoundrel trying to
collect all the ingredients for
my crumbling destiny,
I cannot design eternity,
I cannot knit my truest identity,
in these words I’ve rubbed off
my dignity, tossed away my sanity,
living on the edge while everyone
pities my entirety, I’m entirely
looking for purity, to be cleansed
by the sun’s radiance, radiate
me with your essence oh’ son,
in this world of worshiping puns
my existence becomes tragic comedy,
too much triviality, with every
breath I feel distant from the stars,
with everything I sightsee I
notice the brokenness within every
being, I’m hiding behind thoughtful
righteousness, rationality and
shackling myself to morality,
yes, I’m still preserving virginity
in this world of multiple sexualities,
I breathe in the waters, trying
to understand if I’m following
the path that has been made for me,
what’s so special about me, wait,
I can see the cracks within
all the beauty that you see, true
prophet who shows the darkness and
not the facades that are placed
within the capsules of your sight…

I’ve grasped the delights,
from embracing mortality I’ve resigned
after birth and breath was
placed into my lungs, soft
heart, brutal art, darts rocketing
from these soft palms, the dark
is afraid of enlightening writes,
elevating from the cloud,
bouncing from the ground,
graves cannot clutch me into
the ground before I preach
the ultimate sermon on a thousand mounts,
scouting for the ark, the covenant
is for you to indulge, yes, I
ravage my humanity as the
journey goes up and about,
I am rioting against the
notions of mind, slashing my
enemies, targeting from a blind
eye, listening to wisdom through
sight, I’m denouncing norms,
reminding most that most fleshy
forms are clay pots, soon to
drop and become dust, so cling
onto a greater design, signs and
symbols, hieroglyphics I have seen
and tortured myself to truly describe,
I am not the only scribe, I am
the piece of the puzzle, amazing
you about this maze that blinds most,
the matrix I have seen through
mine eye, I’m not patching any
sore paths, see the pain, notice
the hurting, the brutality, the wars,
the plagues, the famine, the
enslaved kind, the pain will
be a needle piercing thee,
sit underneath this fig tree with
me, let’s watch, weep, help others
stand, sit with them too underneath
this fig tree, let them truly see,
declares and decrees echo within
every synagogue and temple building,
we’re all defeated by the system see,
money, blessings, honey, jobs, greed.
It’s all about love between you and me
and us, let’s revise true purpose
from the lips of the elderly,
hold my hand, my brother and sister
we can be truly free, we can float,
see the light on the horizon deep,
wake up, do not sleep child,
smile, dine with me as we feed
on the true enlightening facts,
this is the pact of the brave,
gems polished by the sandpapers
of pain and hate, we are beautiful
creatures my child.

Let’s rocket sky high,
leave every belonging behind,
riches bring greed, blind
you from the hive when you’re
only focused on the honey that
flows out, I’m denouncing mortality,
I’m afraid, but I’d rather not
be a fraud in this foul life,
it’s too sour, I’ve wept, I’ve
laughed, I’ve learnt how to love you,
I’ve learnt to smile with you,
forgive you, make you feel
worthy too, make you see the
glimpse of purity, I might
not be a saint, but I try to
follow the shining light,
following the shingles of
the chains of the John who
baptized into paradise.
Soon I will rise with a contagious
gleaming smile, out of the
Nile abluted by the palm of
the one with true wine.
The one who fetched the great
Keith Green…

By Eugene ‘Philosophisticater’

Artwork by Anton Semenov

Philosophistication Poetry © All Rights Reserved ©

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