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This poem is the substance of life.

The Substance of Life


I am mesmerized by the substance of life

It’s not the cellular biology that I have fallen for

The cytoplasm and the intracellular spaces

The golgi bodies and the nucleus

The vesicles and the ribonucleic acid

It’s not even the physiology of the human body

That ignites my consciousness

Or the anatomy

That gives me ecstasy

Or the complexity of the human mind

I am hypnotized by the substance of life

Not the flowing of human emotions or thoughts

It’s the Silence within

That bewitches my being

Into a beautiful state of nothingness

Allowing me to be the substance of life

In this state, I am neither here nor there

I am not in the mind or body or soul

I am poured on the bowl of existence

I am the everlasting fabric of Love

I am the solid state of peace

I am the molecule of eternity

It’s not a place for dreams or thoughts

It’s a place beyond life and death

It’s a place of unexplained unconditional Love

An ocean of awareness unfolded

Deep inside the human heart

The substance of life has so much to tell

If only we could listen to the silence within

We will know the extent of our being

It’s not the radius or diameter of our consciousness

It’s the absence of perimeter or geometry inside our hearts

That submerges me into nothingness

Giving me peace, joy, hope and love


©Kenneth Maswabi






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