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This poem is the sweet nectar of poetry

The Sweet nectar of Poetry


If I was a bird

I will be a hummingbird

Not afraid to soak myself in nectar

And pour the formula for youthful existence

Into the vein of life

If I was thunder

I will not hold onto my skills

I will just let the rain fall

Under the palm of Silence

If I was a mosquito

I will not use my quill to cause pain

I will write a million poems about Spain

And maybe listen to Spanish guitar (Toni Braxton)

All night long

If I was a river

I will pour myself a glass of water

Not because I am thirsty

But because I am alive

If I was the sky

I will open my curtains

And show off my garden

Not to reveal my secrets

But to pray for rain

If I was the moon

I will open every window of my heart

And let the moonlight fall through the crevices of my soul

Into the house of humanity

May be then

Humanity will find its heart

And leave my garden alone

If I was planet earth

I will grow poems

On every grain of soil

And let life be a book of poetry


©Kenneth Maswabi





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