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The talk (extended)

Salivary colour painted on lips
As tongues move about each other,
Lungs taking in and out fast,
Scattering exhales too rapidly to digest any idea of calmness,
Door’s locked,
Screen’s dimmed, volume’s low,
Erection is on flight mode, ejaculation’s unlocked…
Another tissue wipe;
Blah blah blah,
I’ve taken too many guilt trips to feel any form of guilt at this nasty point

Ok, let’s talk pornography.
It conceptualizes a lot of misconceptions about sex,
And it probably gave you visual insights on what it thought sex is about
So let us decrypt…

Daddy is way too sleepy with another woman,
And too black to talk sex,
So what’s next is that I stalk on an electronic,
And soak my mind with a site’s content searched off incognito,
No history lessons served here,
The uncles will grant the sex talk after a heart starts pounding
In a danger stranger’s belly.
That lecture is always too late,
Clickbait has already made my heart skip a beat
I can’t sit well in my seat, I need to look one last time,
The mind drools for educational drizzle,
From this, I never stop learning the approval of vigorous masculinity,
Mindless physicality, the normality of sexual ferocity…
It’s how they like it.

Baby sister’s mirror face pout,
This is because of an artwork by her artistry with the make-up pouch;
Hip pose to expose what shapes the behind,
With captions of emojis imposing an implication of self-love.
Her virginity is still intact,
But the mind is attached to fascinations over oral sex
That her peers advocated enough to erect an act.
Pressured to hack into the sensation of penetration over spiritual intimacy,
She also learns to kneel and do the job the right way.
The picture becomes vivid enough
To ignite morbid self-consciousness,
She couldn’t get enough of what unconsciously evoked
A feeling of not being enough.

Scared of solitude;
Impaired with poor social skills,
Repairing with video game kills
And genital spills;
Contemplated pills to fill in voids that live within.
Seal suicide notes and peel eulogies,
Untangle a rapist’s core motives,
Or a prostitute’s solitary element for monetary inspiration
And see the configuration that links to the content.

Shame has people on mute,
With self-inflicted nonverbal abuse
Because admitting to a porn addiction is not a social convention,
But is intuitionally and mechanistically judged with disgust and disenchantment,
So death by such an addiction will always be on mute.

Bones are now tired off aging,
ED is in action to keep inactive until wedding rings are made defective.
Marriage beds have alien scents

Love overlapses all of what is relapsed on.

The Talk (Extended)

It brings awareness to the effects of consuming pornographic content

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