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This poem is the substance of unconditional Love.

The unknown is known


I have been to the house of humanity

It’s a house full of needs, desires and loneliness

It’s a house brimming with laughter, sorrow and tears

It’s a house of pain, anger and hopelessness

It’s covered with selfishness and envy

It’s a house infested with fear and wickedness

It’s a house of worship and friendship

It’s a beautiful house

It’s not the battery of human weaknesses that caught my eyes

It’s the ever shining radiance in each heart

The overflowing river of life

It’s the smiles, the laughter and the Love

It’s the beautiful warmth that pervades darkness

It’s the joy and the sparkle in their eyes

It’s the compassionate heart

Fully labelled with Love

Now I know the truth

The unknown is known

It’s just hidden in the layer of darkness

That has invaded the human heart

The unknown is the Truth that inhabits every heart

Not out of brutal strength or ferocious claws

But out of Love

The unknown is hidden underneath everyday disguises

It’s the ego that stands between you and the unknown

Remove the mask of ego

And the truth will be revealed

We are spiritual beings

That are dependent on Love for warmth and sustenance

Our fire is Love

Without Love we are a desolate house

Without Love we have no Hope

To keep us steady in our feet

We have no shelter to hide us from fear

We have no fortress to keep our imaginations at bay

Without Love we are a cold place

That is lost in time and space

Without Love we are forever doomed


©Kenneth Maswabi




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