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Rotten teeth and saliva stink,
we walked around swallowed
by a moment of romance and bliss,
passed by the cemetery and saw
the undertaker being the rodent
preparing a home for a stiff,
I clutched your palm, bones
knocking each other’s joints,
I watched you while you
enslaved your muscles to
excrete a word of joy,
I smiled while skin peeled off
my dry lips, I licked the
stinging pain and grasped the gist
of your whispered words,
dirty fingernails, walking
around romanticizing disgust
for love, we stepped on ants
without care, inhaled ovulating
ovaries of flies, sat on a stoep
with our anuses fuming
fermented gas, I smiled
and kissed your cheeks
with pores blocked by the
unwashed dirt, we still stumped on
the earth, sweaty palms, eyes
blinking, the sounds of blinks
muted by the sounds of our
heartbeats, your ovaries jingled
like bells when I hugged you near
my prostate, we got stuck
in a state of staring at each other’s
necks, afraid of letting our
tongues out to taste each
other’s insides, I smiled while
my dry mouth made sticky
sounds, you pulled back
mucus until you tasted a
sour taste, I held your chin
while I got lost in an imaginary
episode of two bodies penetrating
each other’s aura, flora and fauna.
We stood up and embarked
on our journey back to
your concerned mother,
a lot of small talk and less
substance in our jargon,
I held your palm again,
while both our sweat was
in union within that conundrum,
we became neanderthals
drooling and craving for
each other’s testosterone excretions…

We were in love, sharing
our bacteria with each other’s
exteriors, we were each other’s
saviours, held hostage by
our bodies’ hormonal fluids,
we had broken through
the pulpits of morality,
we were now stuck in a phase
where pausing was impossible
to enact, we stood in the
middle of the road,
lost in each other’s pupils,
lungs inhaling and exhaling
the poisoned gases, I looked at
you with my pink teary eyes,
held you closer to my chest,
you exhaled deeply,
I could feel your heartbeat
increasing, your skin sweating,
your body heating, our palms
touching, the whole world was
disappearing, we were now paired
like two dogs after mating,
stuck to each other within
an eternity that got compressed
into a minute, I disconnected myself
from the whole world,
consciousness died and body
heat resurrected an animal inside,
you also started sweating,
lips drooling out the nectar
of gods, I bowed down with
my knees ploughing the tars,
I opened my mouth and received
your saliva and your tears
that were flowing from
your skull, you picked me up,
your words and tongue were drowning
in saliva, words were only
bubbling in your attempts of
expressing them, closer I pulled
your face, our foreheads were in
sync, drops of sweat drooled
down from our foreheads and united
at the tips of our noses,
deeper and deeper we got lost,
total silence, dark night, starry
world, it was me and you,
we had broken the fourth wall
of our lives’ scripts, we had decrypted
the algorithms of existence,
we got lost in an instant,
heads drowning in incense…

Heartbeats in sync,
in sickness and in health
we whispered our truths from
behind the imprisoned
tongue behind our teeth,
raised our hands, fingers
connected, knitted together
like a jersey with woolen strings,
none of us could think,
none could flinch,
none could blink,
burping our cooked up
nerves after that whole
episode of volcanoes erupting
in our organic lumps (flesh),
our lips moved closer to
each other, with only an inch
away from tasting bliss
a bus hooted while it swerved
trying to avoid us, but it
was too late, the night had
stolen sight from the chariot man,
when the bus hit….organs, veins
spilling warm blood, pieces of
bones, skin looking like a piece
of a map, particles, teeth
elevating, your face decapitating,
my fingers separated from
their palm, my groin springing
into the sky, your eyes
evicted from their own head
with their neural strings
still attached to their capsules,
the sound was blissful, no
scream, just harmony within,
through all that horror and
terrific moment your palm still
held my palm on the tar,
our heads rolled all over,
but we were still together…
In the last moment your blood
stream followed mine and
they united at some crack,
then two bodies became one!

By Eugene ‘Philosophisticater’

Artwork by Anton Semenov

Philosophistication Poetry © All Rights Reserved ©

Under A Spell

Love and Horrors: Poetic Dante’s Inferno

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