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This poem is the exploration of the most beautiful treasure.

What is Poetry?…


Poetry does not sleep

Not even when we are asleep

It is the server inside our dreams

And the river inside our lives

Poetry is a beautiful plateau

High above our everyday hustles

It is the valley inside our lonely moments

Poetry is a path through the tumultuous sea of life

A calm oasis beside the still waters of our being

Poetry is the naked fibre of our existence

Displayed on the canvas of life

With poetry, you have the tool to tell your stories

It is not just the latest adventures or victories

It is the brokenness and the painful moments

It is the smile that captivates even the toughest masculine ligaments

It is the flow of the feminine side of life

Into the crevices of the hardest moment

Poetry is not a bowl to pour scorn on others

It is a boat to put all your dreams in

And sail away into the vastness of existence

Poetry is an awakening of the fibre of being

An illumination of existence

A beautiful display of nothingness

Poetry awakens my being

Erecting an everlasting sense of peace, hope and happiness

Inside poetry, I am a lover, a dreamer and a nutcase

All of my inhibitions are erased

And my exhibition brightened

I am totally naked of any sense of fear

I am a garment that showcases all the stitches of love

I am a butterfly full of flight not fright

Poetry is a basket containing all of my dreams

A pillow on which I lay my head

Poetry is me unplugged

The bare fibres of my being displayed


©Kenneth Maswabi


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