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This poem opens a door into the unknown.

Poem: The Consciousness of consciousness


It’s not a trick

Or a riddle inside a mystery wrapped in an enigma

Consciousness is both unconscious and conscious at the same time

Depending on where you are standing

Or what you believe in

It’s possible to be unconscious inside consciousness

Or to be conscious inside unconsciousness

It’s the consciousness of consciousness that allow this magical trick

It’s the possibility wrapped inside impossibility

It’s certainty inside uncertainty

It’s hope inside hopelessness

This is where logic fails the test

And mathematics reaches its limit

The consciousness of consciousness allows us to function at multiple levels of consciousness

It’s these degree of consciousness that needs to be understood

It’s these multiple facets of consciousness that needs to be explored

It’s these many faces of consciousness that forms the realm of the unknown (Spirit)

The consciousness of consciousness is a field of certainty (Nothingness)

Inside the multiple overlapping layers of knowing and unknowing

The consciousness of consciousness is the path of Light

It’s the realm of God

It’s the spiritual aspect of everything

Life is a spiritual phenomenon

Unless you peel off your knowing

And undress your unknowing

You will never address your true self

It’s the window of awareness inside the house of unawareness

That needs to be opened

Then we will understand unconditional Love

And we will eat from the garden of the spirit

We will know everlasting peace, happiness, humility and compassion

We will walk naked on the path of Light

And God will be our garment

Because God is the Light of the world

God is Love


©Kenneth Maswabi



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